Starting March 24th, 2011, until August 9th, 2011, I will be doing a Tokyo in-store shopping service. I can do shopping services for Closet Child, Swimmer, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, etc, etc. If you are looking for a particular item and want to know if it's at any of the Tokyo Closet Child's, just ask me in this thread. I visit relatively frequently so I should have a good idea of what's currently in stock at the Tokyo locations.

I need my travel expenses covered, and I live somewhat out of the way so it costs around $7 per trip. So I request $15 per trip made (minimum fee), or 15%, whichever is more. Also, you can send money as a gift, or I can send you an invoice, but you will need to pay the fees for that. (4% for US, 5% for outside the US). All payment in USD, please.

Example 1: you want 2 $5 pair of socks, a $5 star clip, and a $20 hairbow ($35 total). The fee is $15, so $50 total. (this doesn't include paypal fees or shipping)

Example 2: You want a $200 dress. The fee is $30, so $230 total. (doesn't include paypal fees or shipping)

~ I can't do reservations, and I can't order items online.
~ Currently I can't estimate shipping costs, I need to buy a scale. But larger items are typically $30-$40 abroad, smaller items around $10-$15.
~ I won't buy fur/leather/wool/silk items. Sorry, vegan. :( Most lolita items that aren't winter-wear don't have these, though. And I know all the ones that do, haha. So just ask me if you aren't sure.
~ I need payment in FULL for the item and service fees before I will purchased it.
~ I will invoice you after I have bought the item for shipping.
~ Please provide your feedback links.
~ My feedback is here:

I'm on vacation in Kyoto/Nara/Hiroshima for the next few weeks, but feel free to ask any questions, and I'll answer them as soon as I can! :)

Non-Loli Goods

This is where I will be selling all of my non-lolita items. This will include decora items, traditional Japanese antiques, J-Pop items, manga, and other Japanese pop-culture items. Of course shipping can be combined with these and other Loli items! :)

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